Digital meat thermometer - one probe

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    Meat thermometer TS-TP40-A 

  • Main features:

    Water resistant

    Power battery: 2 * AAA (not included)

    Temperature range setting: 0℃-300℃

    Manually configure your temperature settings

    Large, backlit LCD screen

    Celsius/Fahrenheit selector

    Button touch screen function, easy to use

    Used for grill, oven, smoker, candy, meat, food


    The transmitter can simultaneously display the temperature of both channels and monitor both temperatures at the same time, even if the receiver is not nearby.

    With 4 probes, you could cook several dishes at the same time.

    You can choose to cook from 8 types of meat: BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, HAM, PORK, TURKEY, CHICKEN, FISH.

    5 Flavor level choices include: WELL, MEDIUM WELL, MEDIUM, MEDIUM RARE, RARE

    Increase the backlight color change signal. When the product is alarming, the backlight will change from blue to orange, and the dripping sound will sound.

    If the product is not near you, you can be reminded if you see or hear it.