Dezinfekcinis kvarcinis šviestuvas UV-C 58W Ozone

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    Kodas: H1000024
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    Antibacterial lamp for disinfection of rooms and surfaces - 58 W, for a room of 60 m2

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  • Body: matte plastic.
    Dimensions: 56cm x 18cm x 18cm.
    Weight: 541 g.
    It is calculated that the power of the device is enough to destroy viruses and bacteria in a 60m2 room.

    The device uses a 58W UV-C (253.5nM wavelength) spectrum lamp that disinfects rooms and surfaces. In order to obtain a clean and sterile environment indoors, the use of bactericidal lamps is necessary, then a guaranteed effect is achieved. The use of bactericidal lamps is one of the most effective methods for air disinfection. These lamps emit radiation with a UV-C wavelength range of about 253.7 nm. Radiation produces the strongest effect, killing bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus-causing bacteria and different microorganisms. The bulbs used in our lamps emit maximum germicidal energy and only in the 250-270 nm range. Ultraviolet rays with wavelengths between 250 nm and 270 nm have been shown to have the greatest germicidal effect.

    UV-C rays are used in:
    Medicine: operating rooms, procedure rooms, obstetrics wards, quarantine rooms, dental offices, polyclinics, pharmacies, laboratories;
    In the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industry;
    In hotels and restaurants;
    In kindergartens and schools;
    In the field of taxi and passenger transport.

    The instructions for use of the lamps must be studied in detail and the use must comply with all the requirements and methods specified for the daily use of bactericidal lamps.